Morning Buzz

* How many members are there of the House mustache caucus? Get to know one of the members, Utah Highway Patrolman, Rep. Lee Perry.

* Rep. David Butterfield blogged his thoughts on illegal immigration and HB70.

* HB220 a bill that would help ensure Utah students learn that the U.S. government is a constitutional republic, not a pure democracy, passed the House on Monday. The House voted 57-17 to pass HB220 after a debate that included speeches about the difference between a republic and a democracy, whether the Legislature should tell schools what to teach, and quotes from America’s founders and Ronald Reagan. The bill would require schools to teach students that the U.S. is a constitutional republic and about other forms of government such as democracy, monarchy, oligarchy and socialism.

Rep. Chris Herrod had a busy day on the hill:

*  HB485 introduced in the House on Monday would bar public universities and colleges from offering tenure to faculty members, upending a long-standing tradition that has guaranteed professors lifetime employment. Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, said half of the state budget comes from federal dollars. Given the size of the federal deficit, that can’t continue and when budgets have to shrink, universities are going to need every option available.

HB253 was touted by Rep. Chris Herrod (R-Provo) as a companion piece of legislation to the enforcement-only immigration bill sponsored by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem. Herrod’s proposal would target employers that hired undocumented workers, suspending their business licenses for three days on a first offense and for a year on a second violation.