Morning Buzz

Dear Everybody,

The legislative process is messy and rowdy and energetic and messy. Did we mention messy? Clean and neat almost always means controlled by a few who have the most power. So take heart in the fact that bills and budgets and resolutions and all the rest have to be sent to two houses worth of committees, subcommittees, debates and at some point require the signature of someone from another branch of government. Not to mention the press coverage. Hey, speaking of which:

* Utah’s governor thinks the process causes too much angst. (Trib) The House responds:

“We take this very seriously,” [Speaker Lockhart] said. “We talk to constituents, we talk to interest groups. We talk to the agencies and we make good decisions, and I’m not going to apologize for that to anyone.”

And the Senate responds:

“We could make it simpler if you made me king and didn’t let the press into our appropriations committees and did it all behind closed doors, kind of like the governor does,” said Senate budget chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan. “I always tell people don’t panic until we get to the end. It’s just a process we have to go through.”

* Immigration reform is starting to pick up steam. First was Rep. Sandstrom’s bill, then Rep Herrod’s. Now we have Rep. Wright’s bill that includes a guest worker program. (Trib)

* And yes, emotions run high during the immigration debates. Threats against Reps. Sandstrom and Herrod are being investigated. (Dnews)

* Rep. Bird got another crack at ads on school buses and proved that a bill is never really dead, getting it passed on the House floor42-30 and sending it off to the Senate. (Herald)

* Rep. Perry wants it spelled out in code that you can’t walk on the freeway. Seems like common sense, he says, but clearly he’s never been in Utah County during rush hour when walking on the freeway is faster than driving. (Dnews)