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The 2011 legislative session is officially underway, we knew you would come back for more. Before going any further, are you following @UtahReps on twitter and facebook (Facebook/UtahReps)?  

Here’s a recap of what happened yesterday.

Click for full audio/video archive of day 1 on the House floor

Utah welcomed it’s first female Speaker of House. In her opening remarks, Speaker Lockhart shared some fun facts about Utah’s first female State Senate, Martha Hughes Cannon who defeated her husband in the race for the seat, becoming the first women elected to the State Senate in the nation.

* The Browning model 1911 has made it one step closer to becoming the official state firearm. Curious about the history of the M1911?

* A new word you will be hearing throughout this session is nullification. Yesterday Rep. Carl Wimmer proposed legislation that will increase Utah’s opposition to federal land policies.

“It’s a pure nullification bill,” Wimmer said Monday. “Any federal land grabs, any further protections by the federal government will be null and void … unless it’s conducted with the state Legislature’s approval.”

*For a full schedule of what’s happening in the House today, check out our blog

* HB64 introduced by Rep. Stephen Handy would lower the age to donate blood from 17 to 16.

* Things to watch for today: Executive Appropriations Committee tonight.

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