Morning Buzz

Things are looking doubleplusgood this morning. It’s Friday, which signals just two weeks and change to go, AND Monday is Washington and Lincoln Day. (Call it President’s Day and face the wrath of Utah Code! Also, code allows for holidays to extend up to 60 consecutive days. Five words: Fourth of July Through August.)

While we work on getting that into a boxcar somewhere, why don’t you take a look at some of these links:

* The Senate is sending over a bill that would severely restrict cell phone use in vehicles by teenagers. Next up, banning cell phone use in the Capitol when walking. It’s dangerous out there! (Trib)

* A serious debate is going on about how state School Board members are chosen. Currently a short list is given to the governor by a committee that he (or she) appoints and then a decision is made by the governor. Rep. Moss would like to see that changed to a non-partisan election and her bill was debated on the House floor. It  failed to pass, though representatives are expecting to see a bill that calls for partisan elections coming from the Senate sometime soon. (Trib)

* The House passed a bill that would put a check-off box on your tax form to contribute funds for police dog body armor. Feral cats are left wondering just how bad things can get for them this year. (Speaking of which, that bill got circled on Thursday.) (Trib)

* If you want to keep that specialty license plate, you’re going to need 500 people to sign on. Makes sense, but also makes it much, much harder to get our proposed “Have You Hugged Your Legislator?” specialty plates approved. (Dnews)

* That one guy who made the Olympics run pretty well back in 2002 was in town yesterday and came by to say hi. (Dnews)

* Rep. Herrod is challenging college tenure. On one side, it could open the door to younger professors and new ideas, on the other side, eliminating tenure could have a chilling effect on professors who push the envelope. (Dnews)