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We couldn’t let this pass by without commenting. If I was the Chinese Government, a White-Anglo Male wearing black sunglasses, a black turtle neck, and a black leather jacket with a US Flag patch on it screams of foreign operative.

Rep. Carl Wimmer said he expected his bill aimed at repealing in-state tuition for undocumented students to get a vote on the House floor without being changed.

So when Rep. Bill Wright offered a substitute for it Thursday and that change passed 38-36, the Herriman Republican then postponed further action on the bill — leaving its fate uncertain. The substitute bill for HB191 would allow parents of undocumented students to show income tax returns for three years during the child’s tenure in high school and, by doing that, qualify them for in-state tuition at colleges and universities in Utah.

* Rep. Steve Sandstrom wrote an Op-Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune on the Utah Compact and HB 70

After carefully reading the Utah Compact and my bill, The Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act, I believe there is more that we agree upon than separates us.

The first paragraph of the Compact suggests that immigration is a federal issue, and I believe the federal government must do more to address the immigration problems within our country. It is encouraging to see Sen. Orrin Hatch propose immigration legislation.

* In case you haven’t paid attention to the session, immigration is the hot topic. Proof