Morning Buzz

It’s Day 43, only two more days to go until the 2011 Legislative Session comes to a close.

Floor time will be delayed after a massive snowstorm last night, it’s pretty hairy out there on the freeways right now. Here are some newsworthy items from the House:

* The Utah Legislature is delaying the implementation of the GRAMA law that focuses on providing a clearer definition of a government record and electronic communication. The Senate recalled HB 477 yesterday and it came back to the House for concurrence. Story from Fox 13:

Republican House Majority Leader Brad Dee of WashingtonTerrace says the delay will give legislators, state lawyers, media organizations and advocacy groups time to work on changes.

* The Governor and legislature have been working on some funding projects (read more)

The legislative leaders made a handful of other changes to their budget plan, including adding $1.7 million to create a veterinary school at Utah State University, $7.8 million for a motion picture tax credit program, $350,000 for attorneys to handle public lands issues in the Attorney General’s Office, and $1.3 million to keep the Utah Highway Patrol in charge of security at the Capitol instead of contracting with a private firm.

* The House passed three anti-abortion bills sponsored by Rep. Carl Wimmer, read all about these bills here

* HCR 17 sponsored by Rep. Paul Ray honored recently retired, longtime Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and his assistant Phil Johnson made their curtain calls at the state Capitol on Monday as both houses passed unanimously a resolution honoring their basketball accomplishments. Read more