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It’s Day 45 which means we are on the final countdown.

Schools will be given a letter grade for their performance through a bill passed by the Utah Legislature. Republican House Majority Whip Greg Hughes of Draper says Senate Bill 59 will hold schools accountable for educating their students by giving them a grade of A through F. The bill passed the House 39-32 Wednesday night.

The Utah Legislature has passed reforms to the state liquor laws that will make more licenses available for bars, eliminate daily drink specials and beef up enforcement.

“This bill is not anyone’s ‘perfect,’ but it is the compromise bill that everyone has come around to support,” said Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper. SB314 would transfer 40 tavern licenses — where establishments can only serve beer — to restaurant alcohol licenses. Restaurant chains had complained since last year that the state had reached its cap for liquor licenses and they wouldn’t open establishments without one.

The Utah Legislature approved a bill Wednesday reining in a pair of advisory boards created to advise lawmakers about taxes and amendments to the Constitution.

Under the bill, it would take a request by the governor, legislative leaders or the entire Legislature for the Constitutional Revision Commission — made up of lawyers, lawmakers and citizens — to study and opine on a proposed amendment.

* Immigration reform battles still breaking out in Legislature as all sides lobby the governor on bills awaiting his action. [Trib]