Morning Buzz

Oh-Em-Gee, the Diet Coke nozzle in the kitchen is out of order. We’re not saying  don’t try and talk to your lawmakers today, we’re just saying that THE DIET COKE NOZZLE IS BROKEN!

Instead, why not read a few of these stories while we practice our deep breathing?

* All those over-the-counter painkillers you’re using on that headache? Yeah, probably making them worse. The answer? More Diet Coke. No, not really. More like this: (Herald)

However, the best thing to do for the cold or flu is the age-old recommendations of resting and drinking lots of fluids, as well as staying home so as to protect others, Flinders said. The medications should come when sick people are miserable from the symptoms and need relief.

“You always have to remember that every medication has the potential for causing problems,” he said. “You don’t want to put a lot of substances in your body of any type that are more than you need.”

* Bills dealing with non-citizens are starting to immigrate from one house to the other up here. (Go ahead and keep groaning. They’ll keep coming until the Diet Coke nozzle is fixed.) (Herald)

* Part-time Legislature = some pretty cool stories. Case in point, Rep. Lee Perry, in the real world known as Trooper Lee Perry. Also, here’s his Freshman Class video on Vox Populi. (Standard)

* The Trib tracks down the Legislature’s social calendar and discovers that 101 groups have sponsored 112 events. A couple of things: 1) That’s a huge swath of organizations, businesses and others. 2) Meal time is about the only time to reach lawmakers, who are in committees or on the floor the rest of the day. 3) There are only so many ways to cook chicken. Might we suggest fish tacos?

As a side note, we call shenanigans with the use of “special interests”? The 101 groups are made up of a ton of professional organizations, educational institutions,  non-profits and more. We’re willing to wager that everyone in the state benefits or is affected by those groups. So bag the inflammatory language already.

* Rep. Greg Hughes would like to see the prison moved, but he wants it done right. The Trib tells us:

Hughes, a proponent of moving the prison, introduced legislation this week to establish a commission to guide the relocation out of concern that Mansell and company were pushing to rush the process.