Morning Buzz

It’s the first Friday of the session and already the Diet Coke spigot in the House kitchen is running dry. But honestly, if that’s the worst of the problems around here, things are going pretty well. And the next time you think Utah government is a bit heavy-handed, you could always remember that at least you don’t live in Egypt where they shut off the Internet if they don’t like what you’re saying. Heck, we’re following @UtFeralCat on Twitter because we love free speech so much.

Speaking of free speech, here’s some from the press:

* A lawsuit has been filed by some residents of Cedar Hills asking a judge to halt a Saturday’s special election to replace Craig Frank as representative of District 57. (Fox 13)

* The House passed a spice ban with relative ease, though getting it through the Senate could be difficult, given their penchant for being more laid back. (Herald)

* Speaking of which, members of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee chatted amicably yesterday with state Superintendent Larry Shumway about recommended cuts. (Deseret News)

“I believe that if we don’t get more specific recommendations, then they have absolutely no right to complain when the decisions are made,” said Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi. “If you choose not to do that, then after the fact, I’ll thank you to shut up about it.”

* We’re told by the Tribune that Rep. Sandstrom’s immigration bill has run into some “turbulence” while we prefer to call it “waiting for a fiscal note while it’s going through the same process every other bill goes through.”

* If you missed it at UtahReps yesterday, Rep. Ivory outlines his plan to draw a line in the sand where federal power ends and state power begins.