Morning Buzz

Good morning folks, it’s another day & another reason to be thankful we are not California.

* To advertise… or not to advertise. That is the question. Or was the question. After rigorous debate the first bill to be voted down on the House floor that would have allowed advertisements on public school buses to help fund education. [kcpw]

* As the Legislature starts with a base budget that requires 7% cuts across the board, Republican House Majority Leader Brad Dee of Washington Terrace says the initial cuts are a starting point, and many things will get funded in the end. [abc 4]

* Laws enacted in Utah and Idaho played a key role in persuading a federal judge Monday to find the Obama administration’s health care legislation unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson stated: “the states of Idaho and Utah, through plaintiff attorneys General Lawrence G. Wasden and Mark L. Shurtleff, have standing to prosecute this case based on statutes duly passed by their legislatures, and signed into law by their governors.” He added that because the two states have such laws enacted, it “eliminates the need to discuss the standing issue with respect to the other state plaintiffs.” [Desnews]

* A Utah House committee voted 5-4 on Monday to advance HB248, which would allow political parties to fill midterm vacancies themselves. Instead of submitting three names, the parties would provide a county council (or commisson) a single name of the person to fill that slot. If that body failed to appoint the nominee, the governor would do it. “It allows grass-roots citizens — those who went to mass meetings and were elected — to have the authority here,” said Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman. [Sltrib]

* What is on the board for a 3rd reading on the House floor today.

HB 202 Death Penalty Procedures Amendments

HB 214 Concealed Firearm Permit Fees

HB 223 Innkeepers Right’s Act Modifications

HB 60 Prohibiting Contributions in a Special Session

I know we’re not the dependable weather forecast, but low of 1 high of 22 today? Brrr…