Morning Buzz | February 4, 2015

Morning Buzz | February 4, 2015

Good morning!

We’re in appropriations this morning, and you can tune in to the Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee, Business, Economic Development, and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee, and the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee here.

Currently the House and Senate are working to pass base budgets for the next year. These base budgets cover the necessities in the event the Senate and the House don’t reach an agreement on the larger, more comprehensive budget by the end of the session.

We’ll start floor time today at 11:00am, and those proceedings will be streamed live on our website.

Don’t forget about our daily Q&A with the Speaker, you can watch live on our Youtube Channel.

This afternoon we’ll head to our House standing committees to discuss bills. You can listen to the House Business and Labor Committee, House Education Committee, House Health and Human Services Committee at 2 pm, the House Public Utilities and Technology Committee at 3pm, the House Judiciary Committee House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee, and the  House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee  at 4pm, and the House Rules Committee at 6pm.


Enjoy the committee meetings, and we’ll see you tomorrow!