Morning Buzz: January 23, 2012

Morning Buzz is back! We’re excited, aren’t you?

The first day of Session begins¬†with ceremonies. Welcome everyone, here’s the staff, glad you’re back, etc. After the ceremony, we will begin introducing bills being proposed thus far. All these bills can be found at the Lege’s 2012 General Session page. (For additional help discerning all this info, check out what the website guide).

At 2:40, we’ll be pleased to hear from Chief Justice Christine Durham of the Utah Supreme Court. She will address us on the State of the Judiciary.

Beginning at 3:15, we move into Committee work. For a list of Committee’s being held today, and throughout the rest of the week, click here.

We’re ready to rock and roll, and just like last year, we’ll be keeping you updated on what’s going on every morning.

Now that we’re back, here are what some media outlets are saying about this upcoming Session.

Salt Lake Tribune- Capitol Watch

Deseret News- Utah Lege convenes to known and unknown

Daily Herald- Budget, liquor, and land on legislative agenda