Redistricting Morning Buzz

Redistricting Morning Buzz

Now that’s how things get done around here.

The House of Representatives passed it’s redistricting map 74-1 last night, with Rep. Janice Fisher, D-West Valley City, being the lone nay vote. Both bodies also passed the state School Board map, but congressional maps and lawsuits are sexier, we suppose, so there’s plenty of that in the media:

• Bob breaks down the congressional process, with the House eyeing Rep. Ipson’s map. The Senate has a few ideas of their own, including one from Sen. Ben McAdams, D-Salt Lake City, receiving at least a cursory glance. (UtahPolicy)

• The Ipson map contains four districts of rural and urban mix, which has been favored by the majority since the beginning. It keeps the districts of Reps. Rob Bishop and Jim Matheson generally whole.

• Lisa and Dennis say the same thing and throw in news that the Democratic party chairman had a note hand delivered telling of pending litigation over redistricting. (It should be noted that the Legislature received the note before actually passing any maps.)

“We’re just trying to defend the poor people of Utah who, if this map stays, are being emasculated by Republican gerrymandering,” (said party chairman Jim Dabakis.)

Who are we to knock someone for a little bit of rhetoric, but unless is lying to us, we’re pretty sure castration isn’t playing into the map-making process. (Yes, we can see there is a second definition. But that would ruin the joke, now, wouldn’t it?) (Dnews)

• The Legislature also did a bit of work outside of redistricting, including Geoff telling us of concerns over rural members of the state Board of Regents. (Dnews)

Up today: the rest of the clean-up bills, passing the respective house map bills to the other bodies for passage, and the congressional map. Can that all be done in one day? The bookie is in the House lounge.

• But before a congressional map is passed, the Redistricting Committee is going to meet at 10 a.m. to discuss proposals. It will be in the Capitol, Room 445. There’s another one scheduled for 2 p.m. if needed.

We said we’d do it, so here’s the shout out to protester Jon Hansen, who landed on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune: (Photo by Scott Sommerdorf)