Redistricting Morning Buzz

Let’s try this again, shall we?

After two weeks off to discuss potential maps for Utah’s Congressional districts, lawmakers are getting back together this morning to see if there’s something they can agree on. Little known fact: the two week break was so that Trib reporter Robert Gehrke didn’t have to reschedule his vacation.

• First up, Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell has a blog post outlining some myths and facts.

• Second up, Bob Bernick’s column contains some myths, some facts. This part is truth:

Sumsion – who has doggedly been drawing dozens of possible congressional and Utah House maps over the last six months – says he doesn’t think the latest threats by Democratic Party leaders will have much of an effect on Monday’s special sessions.

“They’ve been saying they would sue us for months,” said Sumsion.

• Third up is Lee Davidson’s piece in the Tribune. I’m not saying that Lee is prone to hyperbole, I’m saying that I don’t think even Mark McGuire could juice this lead any more than it already is:

The curtain is set to rise Monday on a second — and perhaps final — act of raw political drama as a multisided brawl continues among House Republicans, Senate Republicans, Democrats and reform groups over how to redraw Utah’s new congressional boundaries.

• Fourth up is Dennis Romboy’s story in the Deseret News. He takes  a look at Provo resident Dave Garber’s participation in the process, including drawing a map that got a fair amount of attention.

• Fifth up is Billy Hesterman at the Herald, and winner of this year’s Reporter With The Most Miles Driven to a Redistricting Related Meeting award. His story explores Idaho’s process and problems with its independent redistricting commission.

If you can’t make it to the Capitol today, make sure to follow along at home via the Legislature’s website. I don’t know that you’ll experience a “multisided brawl” but for sure there’ll be some discussions about maps.