The Daily Buzz – Feb 12, 2018

The Daily Buzz – Feb 12, 2018

Today on the Hill

Today, Martha Hughes Cannon got one step closer to replacing Philo Farnsworth at the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall.  The resolution passed the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee today 6-4 and will now go to the House floor to be discussed.

A Visit From Congressman Rob Bishop

Congressman Rob Bishop visited the State Capitol where he addressed legislators in an open caucus. Bishop, Utah’s senior congressman, discussed the budget plan the Trump administration just passed. The military, Bishop said, was in dire need of more funding; citing that some branches of the military are staffed significantly under the minimum requirement. The new budget would address these issues and give our military the needed attention and funding it requires.

Tweets of the Day

Tomorrow’s Schedule

8:00 AM House Judiciary Committee

8:00 AM House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee

8:00 AM House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee

8:00 AM House Transportation Committee

10:00 AM House Chamber, House Floor Time

2:00 PM House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee

2:00 PM House Government Operations Committee

2:00 PM House Political Subdivisions Committee

2:00 PM House Revenue and Taxation Committee

4:00 PM Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee