The Daily Buzz – February 25, 2016



H.B. 251 Post-employment Restrictions Amendments passed the the House 72-0 on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. This bills honors commitments written into our Utah State Constitution: “It is the policy of the state of Utah that a free market system shall govern trade and commerce …” Furthermore, “[e]ach contract … in restraint of trade or commerce is prohibited.” Article XII, Section 20.

Research has shown that areas that limit or prohibit non-competes generate more patents, attract more talent and entrepreneurs (leading to more start-ups), and experience faster growth and more high-income jobs. Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Google all represent companies that would not exist if non-compete agreements had been enforced.

Restricting non-compete agreements will make Utah more attractive to entrepreneurs and highly-skilled workers, leading to more start-ups and higher income levels. H.B. 251 strikes the right balance between the rights of employers and employees by allowing for legitimate business contracts to continue while prohibiting anti-competitive practices.

H.B. 251 Post-Employment Restrictions Amendments has been sent to the Senate for consideration.

The schedule for Thursday, February 25, 2016:

8:00 AM House Business and Labor Committee

8:00 AM House Education Committee

8:00 AM House Health and Human Services Committee REVISED

8:30 AM House Public Utilities and Technology Committee

10:00 AM House Chamber, House Floor Time

2:00 PM House Chamber, House Floor Time

5:10 PM Executive Appropriations Committee CANCELED

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Top Five House Majority Bills (2/24/2016):

  1. – 2,897 – HB0316 – Building Code Review and Adoption Amendments – Rep. Wilson
  2. – 2,375 – HB0251 – Post-employment Restrictions Amendments – Rep. Schultz
  3. – 2,204 – HB0164 – Educational Testing Amendments – Rep. Powell
  4. – 1,881 – HB0228 – Alcohol Modifications – Rep. Froerer
  5. – 1,755 – HB0018 – Medicaid Preferred Drug List Amendments – Rep. Ward