Media Statement: Public Lands Commission Chairs Statement on Billing Questions

Media Statement: Public Lands Commission Chairs Statement on Billing Questions

Media Statement
For Immediate Release
September 21, 2016

Aundrea Peterson
Majority Communications Coordinator
Utah House of Representatives

Public Lands Commission Chairs Statement on Billing Questions 

Salt Lake City – Representative Keven J. Stratton and Senator David Hinkins, chairs of the Commission on the Stewardship of Public Lands, issued the following statement in regards to the internal review about payments made by the commission for outside legal services and communications work: 

We recognize the passions on all sides of the critical issue of Utah’s work to manage public lands at the local level but ask for responsible, civil and respectful dialogue throughout the process, with fidelity to the rule of law.

As Commission chairs, we are satisfied with the services and progress of the consultants and legal team in this regard. The legal analysis that was the culmination of their work is anchored in the sound constitutional principles of state sovereignty and equal footing, both critical to the vibrancy and health of our nation and to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness of every American.

The Commission’s work shouldn’t be diminished by questions raised by politically-motivated groups. The Commission has checks and balances in place to ensure billing is accurate. We would like to reiterate that to date, we anticipate spending less than half of our allocated budget for the first phase of this endeavor.

 The internal review, which is standard legislative practice, shows both Davillier and Strata under budget and cooperative in issuing reimbursements where warranted. The Commission will continue to review and monitor all invoices.

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Click here to see the internal review report.