Utah State Legislature Citation Honoring Officer Douglas S. Barney & Officer Jon Richey

Utah State Legislature Official Citation honoring Douglas S. Barney, II Unified Police Officer  

In recognition of the exemplary life of a hero, the Utah House of Representatives and Senate pay tribute to Douglas S. Barney, II.

Douglas Barney was born June 3, 1971 on a military base in Taiwan to Douglas Scott and Darlene Heinz Barney. Doug was raised in Anaheim, California. Just before his senior year, the family moved to Orem, UT where Doug graduated from high school.

Doug began his 18-year law enforcement career working as a Corrections Officer for one year with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office before being hired as a Deputy Sheriff. In 2005, Doug went to work for the Taylorsville Police Department where he served as a school resource officer at Eisenhower Junior High. In 2012, Doug joined the Unified Police

Department and was assigned to the Holladay Precinct, working patrol in Holladay City during his entire tenure with UPD.

While working to support his family, Doug earned a degree in Sociology with a Criminal Justice certificate from the University of Utah.

On February 17, 1996, Doug married the love of his life, Erika Gilroy. Doug and Erika are the proud parents of Matilda, age 18, Meredith, age 16, and Jacob, age 13. He is survived by his wife, children, his mother, Darlene, and his three siblings and their spouses. A large extended family, including his brothers and sisters in law enforcement, also mourn his untimely passing.

Doug was a devoted husband and father who loved spending time with his family. He loved teaching his children about gun safety and helped them develop an appreciation for cars. He had a great love of music and listened to every conceivable type of music.

On January 17, 2016, Officer Doug Barney was killed in the line of duty. Our state lost one of its finest citizens. We mourn his loss and extend our profound condolences to his immediate and extended family. Our state owes a debt of gratitude to Officer Doug Barney who died while serving and protecting Utah’s citizens.


Utah State Legislature Official Citation honoring Jon Richey Unified Police Officer

Officer Jon Richey began his 32-year law enforcement career with the West Jordan Police Department where he initially worked as a patrol officer before spending several years working in the K-9 unit. Jon was recruited by Salt Lake City Police Department to resurrect their K-9 program and continued working for SLCPD for the next 19 years before retiring in 2007. His assignments included patrol, narcotics, burglary, robbery, homicide, and, of course, the K-9 unit.

After his years at SLCPD, Jon joined the Unified Police Department, working patrol and then returning to his roots as a K-9 officer. In January of 2016, Jon returned to patrol and was assigned to the Holladay Precinct where he is currently employed.

On January 17, 2016, while responding to a call for assistance in locating a suspect who had fled the scene of an
accident and subsequently shot fellow deputy
officer Doug Barney, II, Officer Jon Richey sustained gunshot wounds during an exchange of gunfire with
the suspect.

We honor the many years of service of Officer Jon Richey with West Jordan, SLCPD, and the Unified Police Department. We wish you, Officer Richey, a full and speedy recovery and trust that you will know of the Legislature’s deepest gratitude for your devoted and professional service to communities in the Salt Lake valley.