A Day in the Life: Representative Wilcox

Every wonder what it’s like to be a legislator? Well here’s an inside look at one of Representative Wilcox’s days.

IMG_0001Waking up bright and early at 5am.


IMG_0003Starting the day off at the gym.

IMG_0004Running into Representative Froerer.

IMG_0005Studying before the day starts.

IMG_0006Meeting for breakfast in the Rotunda.

IMG_0007Chairing the House Rev. & Tax Committee.


IMG_0009Visiting with U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop before floortime.

IMG_0010Talking with Representative Stannard on the House floor.


IMG_0012Sitting with one of his visiting constituents.

IMG_0013Taking a quick phone break from floor time.

IMG_0014Posing with Diego, UHP’s bomb dog.

IMG_0015Meeting with the House Republican Caucus.

IMG_0016Spending some time in his office before afternoon floor time begins.

IMG_0017Speaking to a bill during the afternoon session.

IMG_0018Talking with Representative Brian King on the floor.


IMG_0020Hanging out with the Weber 4H club in the kitchen.

IMG_0021Answering questions on the floor.

IMG_0022Saying hello to former Representative Chris Herrod and current State Auditor John Dougall.

IMG_0023Finishing up the day.

IMG_0024Signing legislative documents.

IMG_0025Attending the Speaker’s dinner with his wife.