Opening Vlog


Speaker Greg Hughes: New Year, new me:
Welcome to a new project that I’m launching – an idea that comes straight from Broadway. Yes, that Broadway. Recently, my 16-year-old daughter and I were lucky enough score a couple of the hottest tickets in New York City to attend the Hip Hop and R&B musical “Hamilton,” which details the life of the American patriot, Alexander Hamilton. Now a confession: I’m a big fan of that particular music genre. But musical tastes aside, part of the genius of Hamilton the musical is how, using the title subject’s voluminous writings, we are able to learn so much about the issues of the day faced by Hamilton and his contemporaries. I was personally impressed with the importance Hamilton placed on wanting to get his message across and immediately drew parallels to myself and the powerful communications tools I have at my disposal. I want to be a modern day Alexander Hamilton and am now committed to using blogs and videos more effectively to improve communications with those I represent and be able to impart a deeper perspective on the issues my colleagues and I grapple with regularly on Capitol Hill.