Daily Buzz: February 24, 2017

Daily Buzz: February 24, 2017

Overview of the Day:

Today marks the thirty-second day of the 2017 Legislative Session. The House prayer and pledge were led by guests of Rep. Lee Perry. The prayer was offered by Robert Kirby, an author, columnist, former Law Enforcement Officer, and Historian for the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Committee. The pledge was led by retired Sergeant John Jones, who worked for Utah Highway Patrol for 34 years. Jones is currently working as the executive director of the Utah Highway Patrol Association.

Speaker Hughes hosted a press conference with state leadership and the mayors of Salt Lake County and City to announce the next steps to address the homelessness crisis in Utah. The plan includes a new direction of the shelter model that breaks up the one-size-fits-all model into three resource centers— two in Salt Lake City and one located outside the city but in Salt Lake County. Watch the press conference here


Honoring Fallen Trooper Eric Ellsworth:

During afternoon floor time, the House Chamber honored Fallen Trooper, Eric Ellsworth. On November 18, 2016, Trooper Ellsworth was severely injured in the line of duty while working to stop vehicles from striking a low-hanging power line near Garland, Utah on State Road 13. Despite heroic efforts on the part of outstanding medical personnel, Trooper Ellsworth passed away on November 22. Our state lost one of its finest citizens. We mourn his loss and extend our profound condolences to his immediate and extended family. Our state owes a debt of gratitude to Trooper Eric Ellsworth who died while serving and protecting Utah’s citizens.


Tweets of the Day: