Daily Buzz: February 28, 2017

Daily Buzz: February 28, 2017

Overview of the Day:

Today is the thirty-sixth day of the 2017 Legislative Session. The House prayer and pledge were led by guests of Representative Curt Webb. The prayer was offered by Mike Wing, a teacher from Ridgeline High School. The pledge was led by a group of high school students: Emily Adams, Hannah Dustin, Caden Bryan, Bridger Jorgenson and Natalie Schvanevelt.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives and the Senate had a competition to see which body could donate more blood to the American Red Cross. We’re proud to announce the House won the competition!


Meet a New Representative: Logan Wilde

Representative Logan Wilde now represents District 53 in Northern Utah. His district covers an area in five counties: Rich, Morgan, Summit, Daggett and Duchesne. While studying engineering at Weber State, Rep. Wilde met his wife. They have been married for over 18 years and have 5 children. Rep. Wilde currently works on his family farm in Croydon, Utah. His life mantra is “Don’t look back. Keep moving forward.” Rep. Wilde has been an incredible addition to the House!


Tweets of the Day:


Tomorrow’s Legislative Schedule

8:00 AM: House Business and Labor Committee
8:00 AM: House Education Committee
8:00 AM: House Health and Human Services Committee

8:00 AM: House Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee
10:00 AM: House Chamber, House Floor Time
2:00 PM: House Chamber, House Floor Time
4:10 PM: House Judiciary Committee
4:10 PM: House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
4:10 PM: House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
4:10 PM: House Transportation Committee