March 7 – Daily Buzz

March 7 – Daily Buzz

Overview of the Day:

Today is the forty-third day of the 2017 Legislative Session. The House prayer and pledge were led by guests of Rep. John Westwood. The prayer was offered by Justin Harding, and the pledge was led by Cole, Jace, Bryce and Jaylee Woodward.

This afternoon, Reps Gage Froerer and Walt Brooks played important roles in a press conference all about HB 460. This bill will authorize a $100 million bond for the relocation of the prison. In total, the relocation of the prison is expected to cost $650 million. Rep. Froerer explained to the press this bond is necessary for the infrastructure outside of the prison fence – roads, sewer lines, electricity and general development.

Rep. Froerer further described the bond as not a cost over-run, but simply the money Utah’s Division of Facilities Construction and Management anticipated for this plot of land. Sen. Harper clarified that the total amount of money going toward the prison has not changed; instead, the total amount bonded has changed. Even with the prison and the highway bonds, Utah will stay below its designated debt limit by more than 50 percent.


Meet a New Representative: Christine Watkins

A native Utahn, born on a dairy farm in Cache County and a resident of Emery and Carbon Counties since 1972, Rep. Watkins is a conservative with a strong moral compass. Rep. Watkins earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Utah State University and a Master of Educational Administration from the University of Utah. After teaching for 20 years, she was the Elementary Principal at the Pinnacle Canyon Charter School in Price, Utah. Rep. Watkins was also the Executive Director for the Southeastern UniServ for eight years and UniServ Director for the Bonneville UniServ in Orem, Utah.  

She is married to John Watkins and has five children and 10 grandchildren. As an active member of her community, Christine has served as on the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce and has held many leadership positions in her church. Rep. Watkins has been a wonderful addition to the Utah House of Representatives this year.


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Tomorrow’s Legislative Schedule

8:00 AM: House Chamber, House Floor Time
2:00 PM: House Chamber, House Floor Time

5:00 PM: House Chamber, House Floor Time