Responsible Representation

Responsible Representation

Representatives are elected to serve those who live within their communities. To accomplish this, it is vital to communicate with constituents, and Representative Sophia DiCaro, District 31, is an excellent example of this. She has given the residents in her district a unique opportunity to be informed by providing forums where they can learn about issues that directly affect their lives.

Over the summer, Rep. DiCaro commenced a policy-focused series of town halls, where in-depth discussions were able to take place and members of the community had opportunities to speak directly with government and city officials and various leaders in their respective fields.

“I feel it is my duty, as a representative, to build a community where Republicans and Democrats alike can hear and learn first-hand about what is happening in our state,” said Rep. DiCaro. “The town halls are a place where information and policy can be conveyed to those whom it is directly affecting.

Each town hall had a defined concentrated policy topic allowing for a deeper dialogue of various perspectives to occur. The panels were made up of leaders and experts in each area, who provided current, in-depth knowledge of important issues. Citizens had the opportunity to actively engage in policy-shaping discussions on topics ranging from transportation to criminal justice reform to economic development.

In one of the meetings this past spring, a representative from UTA, the Utah Transportation Coalition and the House sponsor of the transportation fuel bill participated together on a panel. To provide a visual understanding of what was happening in the community, maps of the new trax lines were displayed. Members of the community were able to have their questions and concerns addressed by those whose understanding and perspectives help to mold new legislation in the state.

Additionally, throughout the 45-day legislative session that is held at the beginning of every year, Rep. DiCaro holds a weekly town hall for her constituents as well as anyone else interested in staying informed about relevant issues being discussed on Capitol Hill. During the interim, she holds monthly town halls.

These forums are a great way to learn about issues, meet with people involved in various policy areas and participant in the lawmaking process. Everyone is welcome to attend.