Gridlock? What gridlock?

Sure, things felt a little slow in the beginning. Bills may not have been coming out as fast as we would have liked for a number of reasons: we have a huge number of freshman, lawmakers are taking on serious and complex issues like Medicaid and immigration reform, and our legislative research staff hasn’t been immune from budget cuts.

But In the Process We Trust, and things have righted themselves nicely.

Through Week 4, the Legislature is about average with the number of bills that have been introduced with 608. (That compares to 602 last year and 609 the year before.)

The most surprising number for Hill observers is that the Legislature has actually passed a record number of bills through the first four weeks at 127. (That compares to 100 last year and 108 the year before.)

It is guaranteed the last two weeks on the Hill will be frenzied. But perhaps the increased number of bills passed in the early going means just a little more breathing room for lawmakers and citizens alike down the stretch.