ICYMI: News Recap

ICYMI: News Recap

ICYMI: News recap of the collaborative agreement on new homeless shelters and the operation in the Rio Grande neighborhood downtown.

Building on the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), led by Rep. Eric Hutchings and the homelessness initiative championed by Rep. Francis Gibson, Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City, along with legal and law enforcement leaders and community partners, coordinated an operation in the Rio Grande neighborhood downtown to clean up the streets and protect residents, businesses and the vulnerable populations in the area.

On September 29, a targeted strike was performed after months of observation and identification, and numerous individuals were brought in with the intention of providing a thorough assessment and, where possible, diverting those eligible to behavioral health and treatment programs. Read more about JRI here.

Rep. Gibson and Speaker Hughes worked closely with Mayor McAdams, Mayor Biskupski and the Salt Lake City Council, in a bi-partisan way, to move forward the new shelter site-selection process. On September 30, an agreement was reached to construct four new homeless facilities around Salt Lake City. The selection process, which will be open for public dialogue once the proposed locations are identified, should be finalized before the beginning of the 2017 General Session.

During the press conference on September 29, Speaker Greg Hughes noted that the Utah Legislature has committed money to address the homeless issue. Though there is more work that needs to be done, it is a good sign that state legislators, the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, Salt Lake City Council, and the Salt Lake County Mayor are coming together in an important way to solve an urgent problem.


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