Special Session Details – July 2016


Governor Herbert has issued a call for a special session of the Utah State Legislature on Wednesday, July 13. It will be held in conjunction with the regularly interim meetings scheduled for that day. Items that will be considered include:

1. H.B. 3002 State Fair Park Amendments – Rep. Sandra Hollins/Sen. Luz Escamilla – The appropriation of funds to the Capital Budget and related legislation for the purpose of constructing an arena at the State Fair Park. This will help fund the reconstruction of the new 10,000 chair state-of-the-art multi-purpose arena at the Utah State Fairgrounds. The new facility will serve as the new home of the Days of ’47 Rodeo and will be utilized throughout the year to attract large events like the World Series of Barrel Racing, professional bull riding competitions, concerts and sporting competitions

2. H.B. 3003 Unmanned Aircraft Amendments  Rep. Don Ipson/Sen. Evan Vickers – To consider legislation related to the use unmanned aerial vehicles over restricted wildfire airspaces. The interference of drones with the efforts to fight the Saddle Fire in Pine Valley highlighted the need for additional enhancements to the existing law. This is a follow-up to Rep. Kraig Powell’s H.B. 126, Unmanned Aircraft Revisions bill, that passed during the 2016 General Session. We anticipate amendments such as preventing a plane from taking off as an offense, increase fines, allow the incident commander to remove the drone if necessary, financial responsibility for lost fire retardant and the costs of wasted fuel and prevent owners of unmanned aerial vehicles from selling any footage from restricted wildfire airspaces.

3. H.B. 3004 Criminal Justice Reinvestment Amendments – Rep. Eric Hutchings/Sen. Brian Shiozawa  To consider legislation related to the Justice Reinvestment Initiative. This is needed to properly implement JRI H.B. 348, Criminal Justice Programs and Amendments, which passed in 2015. It was at the top of the Senate Board the last night of the 2016 session but the Senate adjourned at midnight before it was heard. This bill passed the House with one dissenting vote. 

4. S.B. 3003 Judicial Nominating Commissions – Amendments – Sen. Peter Knudson/Rep. Mike McKell   – To consider amendments to the code provisions regarding Judicial Nominating Commissions. This will allow the commission to ensure that there are five names per position that will be considered for appointments, addressing the three simultaneous openings in the Fourth District Court. Without this amendment, three appointments will need to be made from only five names.

5. H.B. 3005 Grandparent Rights Amendments – Rep. LaVar Christensen/Sen. Stuart Adams To consider legislation related to grandparents ability to visit grandchildren adopted by a family member of the child. Upon vetoing this bill earlier this year, the Governor agreed to place H.B. 377, Grandparent Rights Amendments, on a special session call if the sponsor made certain changes, which included a specified time period for the petition, a limit to the number of petitions and notice to the adoptive parents.

6. S.B. 3001 Controlled Substance Database Modifications – Sen. Todd Weiler/Rep. Daniel McCay – To consider amendments to the exceptions to the warrant requirement to the controlled substances database for individuals on probation or parole. A drafting error occurred when a stand-alone bill was folded into another, which resulted in the continued warrant requirement for probationers and parolees being monitored for substance abuse issues. This is a clarification that amends the exceptions to the warrant requirement.

7. S.B. 3004 Continuing Care Retirement Community Amendments  – Sen. Deidre Henderson – This legislation will address the security of investments in continuing care facilities. H.B. 323 Continuing Care Retirement Community Amendments.

8. H.B. 3001 Tax Credit Review Amendments – Rep. Jeremy Peterson/Sen. Curtis Bramble  It passed the Legislature and was signed by the Governor, but lacked an enacting clause. This legislation will provide that enacting clause. Similar to H.B. 310 ,Tax Credit Review Amendments.

9. S.B. 3002 Economic Development Revisions – Sen. Curtis Bramble/Rep. Val Peterson – Legislation to consider economic credits including certain sales and use tax exemptions to help encourage new enterprises data centers to built along Utah’s Silicon Slopes. This is similar to Sen. Bramble’s S.B. 178, Economic Development Revisions in the 2016 Session.

The Senate will also consent to appointments made by the Governor.

Schedule for day:

  • Morning Committee Meetings – 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m
  • Caucus  Lunch Meeting  – 10:40 to 12:40 p.m.
  • Afternoon Committee Meetings – 12:50 to 2:50 p.m.
  • Special Session  – 3 p.m.